Inhale The Good Shit, Exhale The Bullshit.♥

Washington, USA; Sydney, 21 years young, fellow stoner, Follow me, I follow back! Follow me on instagram; sexdrugsandpurplehippos
I like jellyfish, octopi, owls, teacup piglets, elephants, giraffes, munchkin cats, Papillion’s, flying purple hippos, body modification's, tattoos & piercings, died hair, video games, Disney, movies, fantasy, fairy-tales, 90s kid, reading, high heels & shoes of all kinds, fashion, makeup, makeup art, nails, nail art, music, lavender, crystals, nature, scenery and such, art, Starbucks, jack danials, good vibes, food porn, healthy food porn, nature's medicine, bho, and pipes & bongs of all kinds